Centralized production of medical cannnabis targeted by the DOJ.

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Feds have signaled that they will not tolerate centralized production of medical cannabis, as is suggested in the Eureka ordinance. The Feds have also made it clear that they will prosecute officials that issue permits or pass laws that violate the CSA. As a matter of fact the Feds just told Rhode Island that they would prosecute anyone involved with its state authorized dispensaries.””Friday’s letter makes it clear the DOJ will now pursue certain commercial cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana”, said Governor Chafee, “even if such cultivation and distribution is permitted by state law, (emphasis added).”  “The Department of Justice previously indicated that it would not focus its limited resources on doctors and their sick patients who prescribe and use marijuana if such use was permitted by state law,” Gov. Chafee asserted. “This position was interpreted by some states (and cities) as giving them latitude to authorize medical marijuana cultivation and distribution programs.

Arcata should revisit its own ordinance in light of this fact and decentralize where the cannabis in its own dispensaries comes from.



  1. RAMDX says:

    Is there a committee that oversees the Arcata dispensaries. I’ve had problems with Icenter dispensary. The woman in charge (the owner’s partner) wouldn’t let me bring my service dog in. She claimed that bacteria would transfer from the dog to the weed. Hey, compared to some of the other customers, my dog was pristine.

    I tied my dog up outside, which is what they suggested. Then in the dispensing room I saw the woman sitting right next to the scales (in front of a computer) with a baby in her arms! Is that room an appropriate place for a baby?

    The whole place was shabby and dirty. Why does Arcata allow this place to continue operating?

    • I think the only “committee” that oversees the “dispensaries” is the Arcata City Council. Also, it is not legal to tether your dog. They will give you a ticket just for that.

      • RAMDX says:

        What do you think about the baby being in the dispensing room? What’s your personal experience with icenter?

      • I have no personal experience with the Icenter as a cannabis center. As to the baby in the room, personally, I do not see anything wrong with that if they were not actually smoking the cannabis.

  2. BIG John says:

    I definately see a BIG problem with anyone smoking, but not ingesting Cannabis in front of children . I’ve turned Mothers who smoke weed in their house while infants are in a crib so, don’t let me catch you or even hearing about such a thing because if Law enforcement can’t get there in time you’ll be dealing with me & a lot of rage..

    • As long as the parent are not “medicating” their child it is none of your business, nor is it anyone elses. I am pretty sure that LEO wouldn’t bother with a parent that has a 215, nor would CPS.

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