A lesson in how to use Email for the Humboldt County tech department.

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Previous mail from the recipient; that age-old password; what I said I wrote: it’s all in the mail.

“The mail,” of course, is a vast land, some 20,000 messages wide and about 300,000 deep; filled up to the sky.

It’s a good thing Mozilla Thunderbird has it all in its electronic mind, mapped and categorized, ready for near-instant retrieval — in a powerful manner to boot.

Search Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird

To find messages in Mozilla Thunderbird:

  • Click in the search field in the Mozilla Thunderbird toolbar.
    • Click the looking glass to change the scope of your search:
    • Search all messages — entire message text, all folders; see below if this is not available
    • Subject, From or Recipient filter – Subject, From, To and Cc in the current folder
    • Subject or From filter – Subject and sender in the current folder
    • Subject, To, or Cc filter – Subject and recipient in the current folder
    • Subject filter – Subject lines in the current folder
    • From filter – Sender in the current folder
    • To or Cc filter – Recipients in the current folder
    • Message body filter – Email text in the current folder
  • Type the words for which you look.
    • Start typing email addresses to find people.
  • Hit Enter or select an auto-completion choice.

To narrow search results:

  • Click any year, month or day to show only results from that time.
    • Click the looking glass to zoom out.
    • If you cannot see the timeline, click the timeline icon in the top right corner.
  • Hover over any filter, person, folder, tag, account or mailing list in the left pane to see where in time and on the timeline the messages matching the filter are located.
  • To exclude persons, folders or other criteria from search results:
    • Click the unwanted person, tag, etc..
    • Select can’t be… from the menu that comes up.
  • To reduce results to a particular contact, account or other criterion:
    • Click the desired person, folder, etc..
    • Select must be… from the menu that comes up.
  • To filter your search results:
    • Check From Me to see only messages sent from one of your email addresses.
    • Check To Me that include you as a recipient.
    • Check Starred to see only starred messages.
    • Check Attachments to see only messages that include attached files.

To open any message, click its subject line in search results. To act on multiple messages or see more details, click Open as list at the top of the results list.

You can also search the current view or folder swiftly using the Quick Filter toolbar.

Enable Fast and Universal Search in Mozilla Thunderbird

To make sure fast indexed search is available in Mozilla Thunderbird:

  • Select Tools | Preferences… or Thunderbird | Preferences… from the menu.
  • Go to the Advanced tab.
  • Open the General category.
  • Make sure Enable Global Search and Indexer is enabled under Advanced Configuration.
  • Close the Advanced preferences window.

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