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City of Arcata




Simply Mac Employee walking away from the arrest of a suspected thief.


On Tuesday December 20, 2011 at about 11:25am, officers from the Arcata Police Department were dispatched to the area of Simply McIntosh located at 837 H Street, on the report that a theft had just occurred. It was further reported that the suspect had fled the area on foot and was being chased by employees. With the help of another citizen, the employees detained the suspect, later identified as 22 year old Kylar Moser, near the intersection of 7th Street and I Street. In an attempt to escape the suspect sprayed the citizen with pepper spray.  No injuries were sustained in the altercation.  Officers arrived at the scene and took Moser into custody.  All of the stolen property was recovered.

Moser was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked for PC 211 – Robbery, PC 12403.7(e)(2) – Possession of tear gas over 2.5 ounces, and PC 12403.7(g) – Use of a tear gas other than for self defense.


# # #


For additional information, please contact: Det. Sgt. Todd Dokweiler
Or the On-Duty Watch Commander
Arcata Police Department
(707) 822-2428
Case #11-3445


  1. quark says:


    After careful investigation of the pics you released from the courthouse occupy, it is clear you owe Murl Harpham a big ass apology, and does not owe you 1000 dollars – dude – the LE guys wielding their batons (in a proper manner, btw, as they were fending off kicks) were SHERIFF DEPUTIES, not members of EPD.

    • Quark,
      I never said it was EPD, as a matter of fact I even stated in the interview that in looked like a deputies uniform from were I was standing, as deputies wear green and EPD wears black.

      Murl was on scene and was the commanding officer. The deputies were under his command. The deputies used a baton on the suspect ( I never said one way or the other If I thought the use of force was justified), and In at least one of the stills Murl was standing directly over the suspect approximate 2 seconds after the last blow was thrown by the deputy.

      The use of force was completely denied, as was medical attention.

      Murl owes me $1000.00 personally and EPD is going to be sued for violating this young mans civil rights by not getting him medical attention. (Think Martin Cotten)

  2. quark says:

    Murl was NOT the commanding officer over the sheriff’s deputies…guess what – I saw him and asked him specifically about this. He laughed and said he was not in charge of sheriff deputies.

    You owe him an apology.

  3. Murl owes me $1000.00, and he and the city will be on the hook for a lot more once Mr Hamer files his civil rights lawsuit.

    The only reason I have not pursued this issue is that the person hit by the baton blows is suing, and has had serious problems with traumatic brain injury. I have agreed with his mother that until the lawsuit is filed I will not ask Murl for the money.

    You seem to be the only person that does not see the police officer using his baton.

  4. quark says:

    My goodness you are a dense fellow, Mark!

    It was not a “police officer” using his baton. It was a SHERIFF DEPUTY – you know, a COUNTY EMPLOYEE.

    Eureka Police do not excercise command authority over the Sheriff Deputies.

    You owe Murl an apology.

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